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bestartCreative and High Quality Digital Marketing

Creative Webolution is Digital Marketing Agency, the promotion of a new kind of web design and marketing where quality and creativity matters. We are a team of talented designers and developers who believe in high quality work and creative, unique design. We are passionate about what we do. Whether it is a beautiful design or clean semantic code, our work is our "work of art".


We are a Full-Service Marketing Company

Creative Webolution is a full service web design and development company that can solve all of your design, marketing, and Internet technology needs. We provide quality new media services for small and medium size businesses. We provide professional website design, print design, Internet marketing, web hosting, and interactive media.


Our Design/Development methodology

We have a Design Methodology, because designing and developing a website is just like building anything else, you must follow steps and a process to "build it right".  This applies to any kind of project, not just website design.


Web Design Resources

The Creative Webolution blog is a way for us to share our knowledge, skills, and resources for the purpose of supporting a more creative approach to the web industry and helping our clients understand the process.  We will also be adding video tutorials to the blog soon!

What does Creative Webolution stand for?


Because quality matters

The Creative Webolution team believes in high quality work and creative, unique design. We aren't a large design firm or marketing company with overhead expenses so we'll always be able to provide competitive rates.


A new kind of web design

There is a new kind of web design is emerging from today's fragmented array of Web design providers, that focuses on user-centered design and powerful new technologies.  Designers are learning the developmental side and developers are embracing design. Creative webolution is a team of just such designers and developers. We value skill, experience, quality, innovation, and creativity; all centered around the user experience and the clients needs. Our designers use a foundation of design principles peer to the field of design and the field of art.  Our developers strive to find new more effective techniques to enhance the user experience.


Who are we?

Talented designers and developers who care about providing the customer with high quality work and innovative solutions.

You may be wondering if we are a resource or a company for hire, and the truth is we are both. We want to share our knowledge, skills, and resources for the purpose of supporting a more creative approach to the web industry. We are also a team of designers and developers who have come together to provide our services. We are an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, writers, programmers and marketing professionals.

Our physical office is located near Chattanooga TN, but our team is virtual with team members in Tennessee, Connecticut, Chicago, and Alabama.  We work with local companies as well as clients from abroad. Each member of the team brings years of expertise, education, and skills in their individual field and we all share a passion for our work and what it can do for our client.

susan round

Susan Jackman - Owner

Web and Interactive Media
Designer and Developer
Project Manager

Susan may know her way around most computer software, but she is first and foremost an Artist. Her natural talents and creativity bring a new look to her web design and multimedia. Her strength is producing a clean and professional design. She is not just a designer, She can program too. She graduated with a BA in Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2007 with a 3.9 GPA. She also recieved a M.Ed. in Online Teaching and Learning: Educational Technology and Online Instruction

Susan has strong skills in web design, video and audio editing, animation and video, digital illustration, image manipulation, fine art, educational multimedia and computer based training. Her experience in Website Design and Development projects includes HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS to implement dynamic web sites and database driven content using industry web standards.