Meme Design for Social Media

CW memesThe key to growing your social media is consistent high quality content. Memes are incredibly helpful for building your social media audience and driving traffic to your site.

While most people can throw together a few with a meme generator, quality really does make a huge difference.  You want to provide something eye-catching and valuable.  Aspects such as targeted content, design skills, high quality images, and carefully selected fonts can make a big impact on catching someones attention.  

Take that one step further and you can utilize automatic software like Hootsuite or Social Jukebox. Just upload 30-50 images and set them to not repeat for a month and you have fresh posts on your social media each day. You set it up one time and then your done unless your adding more content.

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Joomla vs. Wordpress: The Great Debate

CW joomvswordThe question of WordPress vs Joomla has been the focus of many online discussions. In this CMS comparison debate, each camp is usually convinced that their choice is the best platform. While I do have my favorite, it really comes down to which platform is best for your specific situation. They both enable you to build and manage websites. They are both open source and free to use. So how do you decide?

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Eight Steps to protect your website from hackers

CW hackersDid you know that on average 30,000 new websites are identified every day (source Sophos Labs) distributing malicious code. Most people have this idea that viruses are distributed from adult sites, gambling, downloading sites,  and other forms of vice but the reality is that the majority of these sites are legitimate small businesses that are unknowingly and unwittingly distributing the malicious code for cyber criminals. You might just be one of them.

Another misconception is that cyber criminals only go after large enterprises or government organisations. Unfortunately, cyber criminals do not discriminate, they will hack and hackable site. They have automated scanning tools constantly scouring the web looking for vulnerable websites they can infect with their malicious code.

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Refer a Friend

CW RFRefer friends and you can earn rewards with Creative Webolution

When you refer a friend to Creative Webolution who becomes a paying client you can earn a $50 credit towards any services offered by Creative Webolution, or $50 cash if you prefer. Your friend will receive a 10% discount.

This can work two ways, you will be given a code which you can use either with business cards for in-person or a code with an image you can post on your social media.

Send me a message to recieve your code

Free Digital Marketing Strategy

cw slideshow 9 18 18 slide1A Digital Strategy is the series of actions you take to help you achieve your overarching marketing goal.

Digital Marketing Campaigns are the building blocks or actions within your strategy that move you toward meeting that goal.

This is a generalized strategy meant to be applied to various businesses however if you’d like to get a personalized report created from 10 hours of research into your business, services, products, current media assets, and target audience, contact me and I would be happy to help you.

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