Scoping a Project

CW scopingScoping is an important phase in the design process.

There is a methodology to proposing a website design to a client. Scoping a project is one of the most important, yet most overlooked; steps in the web design/development process. This step must happen before sending a proposal to a client to avoid problems down the road in the design and development process. When scoping a project you need to interview the client, research the client and understand their culture, research their competition, and have them complete a needs analysis.


The Needs Analysis is a valuable tool.

The needs analysis is a very important step in the scoping process. You cannot be expected to properly assess the client''s needs if you do not know or understand what kind of development will be needed to meet the client''s needs.The Needs Analysis is a survey that will help the client to articulate and identify the overall goals of their website project.The needs analysis will fill in the gaps and ask the questions you might not think of asking or the client may not realize they need.If distributed to all who have a vested interest in the project it will also ensure we meet everyone''s needs before we bid on or start a project.

Why is this step so important? 

One of the most impacting reasons for problems down the road results from unclear information gathered in initial meetings with the client. If the interviewer does not fully understand the back-end process they will not ask the right questions which makes the needs analysis that much more important.The fundamental requirement of the initial meetings with the clients is for the developer to interpret what the client wants, map this to the capabilities and constraints of a technology system and to define how and what I can produce in a certain timescale for an amount of money. A clear, agreed, definition of what the client says they want at the beginning of a project is essential. Even if you have one team member who has met with them and discussed the project many times, it is important that everyone that will be working on a project understands clearly what the client needs.

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