Case Study: Business to Consumer Model

CW B2CmodelDoing case studies is a method of research. Case studies are in-depth investigations into real-life cases based upon data and research that help you to identify a problem and suggest strategies and resolutions. It also an important way to see how other put key concepts into action. I will from time to time share what I have learned in my case studies here.\r\n

Case Study: Business to Consumer Model
Online Store Catalog for Fisher Price Toys

This site is a Business to Consumer Model acting as a catalog to the consumer.

The target audience of the site can be very generally summed up as any adult seeking to purchase toys for a child, but I think that the site is utilized by a secondary and more specific type of audience, Parents and other adults who love to buy toys and want to see what''s new and those interested in collecting and buying special, different and exclusive toys.

The site assumes that shopper will most likely search by age, brand or will be looking for something special like an online exclusive or sale item. No option to search for something specific, it is assumed that the customer will want to browse several products. It does assume that you have some idea of what you are looking for, as there is no option to view all products or even all products for a certain age. There are also a limited number of items shown on each page and very descriptive descriptions, this makes me think that they think their customers are not in a hurry and actually want to take their time and look closely at each product.

One of the most important aspects of this site are the online and catalog exclusive items that you can purchase from the site and are not available in any retail stores. This is the number one reason I am a customer to this site, seconded by the desire to see what''s new. When you select an age category or brand category, it does take you to the first page displaying the newest items in that category.

Since the site does offer exclusive items, some items are only available for purchase in a limited quantity. Some products are displayed before their available purchase date allowing you to pre-order popular items. You cannot only purchase products but you can add them to a wish list or email them to a friend. (Let grandma and grandpa know exactly what her granddaughter or grandson wants for Xmas) You can even purchase a gift certificate that is sent along with the printed version of the catalog or can be used online. There is also an option called quick catalog order where you can enter the # for your catalog and enter the product numbers of the toys you want to buy from that catalog without having to search for them on the site and add them to your cart. I think that this process may be more efficient than a search feature to find specific products but had I not been analyzing the site, I don''t think I would have ever noticed or used the feature myself. It''s a good feature that offers convenience and functionality tot he site for the customer who knows exactly what they want and are already comfortable and familiar with catalog ordering.

They also offer a sign-up to receive email newsletters that are customized for your child''s age and offer: Parenting and Pregnancy E-Newsletters, Birthday & Holiday E-Mails, New Product E-Mails, Special Offers & Sweepstakes Rescue Heroes, Team Talk and sign-up to join Growing Up Gerber which send you e-mails with healthy feeding tips, parenting information, special offers and coupons! These emails are meant to entice the customer to return to the site at a later date.

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