Corporate Design Standards Manual

The Corporate Design Standards manual will act as a guide to employees and outside vendors to ensure proper use of your brand, identity and logo. A well-developed style guide is an essential tool for establishing your brand identity.

CW designstandardsWhat is the purpose of a Corporate Design Standards manual?

The Corporate Design Standards manual will act as a guide to employees and outside vendors like designers and developers to ensure proper use of your brand, identity and logo.

It would include proper dimensions, layout and color instructions to ensure accurate reproduction of the logo. It would explain what the elements of the logo mean and why they where chosen. It ensures that there is no variation in color, proportion, and spacing above and below it and that it always looks exactly the same on any material or medium. The manual will include instructions on Color, Fonts, Placement, Spacing, and Visual examples. The Corporate Design Standards Manual is an essential tool for guaranteeing consistency of your brand identity. 


Why is it important?

Your brand style guide communicates your company's design standards to your entire group. Having this document as a reference for your brands expected standards will make the lives of your designers, writers, and developers much easier and give them a solid framework to use as a starting point for their design work.

Style guides also support marketing initiatives by ensuring that all marketing is relevant to your brand’s goals. A brand style guide ensures that content distinguishes a brand from its competitors, and is cohesive. This cohesion is important because it helps establish a strong brand voice that resonates with your audience, which is very essential for building your brand awareness. That awareness and consistency builds trust.

Large companies with teams in different locations can benefit hugely from making their style guides available online. It's not just benifitial for your designers, but your employees as well. A style guide is a system of policies and procedures that dictates the formatting and visual presentation of all company marketing and communications, from the treatment of logos and typography, photographs and illustrations, management of templates and color palettes to editorial stylebooks. 

A style guide should also address special situations where a deviation from the style regulations and logo usage preferences is allowed. For example: oversize or unusual formats such as booth graphics, signage and advertising in outdoor environments; broadcasting and videography; branded merchandising such as clothing and promotional print materials; marketing in foreign countries with different languages and marketing practices; audio such as radio advertising, where visual branding is not possible; social networking platforms, apps and other emerging digital media.


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