Create Your Own Visual Quote

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Why do Visual Quotes capture users attention? In this web quest you will discover the answer, reflect on your core values, and create your own visual quote.


Your mission is to create a graphic with words and images. This can be inspired by an inspirational quote or poem from a famous or inspirational leader that reflects your core values but also contains your own reflections, to post on a blog, website, or Facebook page. You will examine various resources to help you reflect on what your core values are, discover a world leader inline with your values to find inspiration from, learn how to create your own Meme based on your choice with an online visual/image quote generator, and learn how to embed the code into your own website, blog, or Facebook page.



There are more resources in each section than you may need to complete the web quest. Choose which resources work best for you.

Step1: Visit the following resources to learn about the power of visual Images

Step 2: Watch the following videos and utilize the exercises to determine what your core values are.

Step 3: Choose an Online tool to Create your Visual Quote

Reviews and Tips for Making image Quotes and Image Quote Generators

Online Image Quote Generators

Step 4: Embed or upload your Visual Quote to a Website, Blog, or Social Media Page. 

Is this not something you want to handle yourself?

I can help you with that. 

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