The most important components in an online sale process

CW salescomponantsThere are five components in the online sales process. Information sharing, ordering, payment, fulfillment and service and support. As a consumer myself who shops both Online and at "brick and mortar" stores, these are the two Steps that I feel are the most important.

Information Sharing

Consumers gather information about potential products and services that fit their needs. Sellers provide the majority of this information through their marketing and PR efforts. This information is offset by smaller inputs from third parties including consumer groups, friends, relatives, and other opinion leaders.


Example of why this is so important:

When I shop for anything I like to make sure I have the best option, quality and functionality wise.  Even if this object is being purchased at the retail store I will still go online and read customer reviews of the products to help me make my decision.

Service & Support:

This is everything that follows the sale. This part of the process is heavily weighted on the seller. It includes all of the follow-up selling, warranties and repairs, and ongoing customer marketing efforts.

Example of why this is so important:

If I as a consumer have a bad experience in this area when dealing with a company I will not purchase from them again if I have another option. This applies to products and services as well.

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