Case Study: Marketing Strategy: marketing-strategy

CW casestudy marketingDoing case studies is a method of research. Case studies are in-depth investigations into real-life cases based upon data and research that help you to identify a problem and suggest strategies and resolutions. It also an important way to see how other put key concepts into action.  I will from time to time share what I have learned in my case studies here.

Case Study: Marketing Strategy for

PluginsPLUS PLUSfx Version 4 release




Target Audience

The Target market for Photoshop Plug-ins are Photoshop users, most likely in a professional design field, to include: Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Online Design, Corporate Design, Motion Graphics, and Photo Illustration.

Demographics Examples:

Target Market

#1 Individuals and Companies who have purchased previous versions of PluginsPLUS (PLUSfx)

#2 Individuals and companies who have purchased other products from PluginsPLUS.

#3 Photoshop Professionals


More than 150 companies are currently offering commercial plugins with prices ranging from $5 to $200. Commercial plugins offer solutions for a very wide range of image processing tasks. If PLUSfx 4 is meant to target specific tasks this needs to be clarified on the advertising and could impact greatly which marketing strategy would target the right audience.  Although commercial plugins are usually more sophisticated than free plugins, there are also low-quality plugins offered. Price is not a clear indicator of a plugins quality. It will be important for potential customers to see that that the results obtained from using PLUSfx 4 are both professional and sophisticated.

Addressing ESD Issue

Advertise as Early-Release

Sneak Preview to existing customers

Advertise the official Release date of PLUSfx 4 as day the day the Product is to be shipped and advertise an early-release date for downloading ESD as a special promotion for existing customers.  This can be promoted through HTML email sent to existing customers.

Customer Feedback Campaign

Offer Existing customers a limited-time opportunity to download the new version from the website for a discounted price and be the first to review the new version.  Discounted product requires survey and review to be submitted.  This campaign would be employed through HTML email sent to existing customers.  The reviews submitted can then later be used to further advertise the product ON-SITE and provide valuable target audience demographics and behaviors by including survey questions within a review form.

ON-SITE Marketing

PluginsPLUS onsite marketing plan should include search engine submission, strategic links, optimizing the site, survey requests and newsletter sign-ups to further email address base. Feature Advertisement of new product, with an overview of all features, detailed descriptions of new and different features, examples of work created using the plugins and a demonstration that depicts ease of use and seamless integration with the Photoshop environment. Once the Reviews and surveys have been submitted they should use some of the user comments/reviews as testimonials on the site.

Product/Company Awareness Advertising

Alternatives to online advertising

Graphic Ads

Photoshop User Magazine
Photoshop User Magazine is published by NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) Photoshop user magazine is a very popular magazine for the target audience, which could offer graphic ads of PluginsPlus''s new product version.  Other related magazines could also be used for this purpose.


Photoshop World Conference and Expo

The NAPP holds training sessions and Expo''s You can reserve a booth at an Expo to introduce, feature and sell your Photoshop related product. The Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas is specifically a selling show and would provide an excellent opportunity to create product awareness for PluginsPLUS. Photoshop professionals who want to hear about, try and buy new products attend this Expo. This particular expo could offer PluginsPLUS optimal presence and awareness in the field. The Booth could allow potential customers to sit down and try the product.

Online Advertising:

Partnerships/alliances with Adobe

For reaching new customers with this product they should try to form a partnership with Adobe. Adobe has a special site dedicated to third party plug-ins at
This site would allow PluginsPLUS to bring customers to the site as well as include a brief description for their products, specifically the Newest Product.
Adobe also has a support site that includes a list and links to third party Plug-in creators as well.

Resource list sites (Independents)

There are also numerous sites that serve as a resource to consumers or people in the field by offering lists with links to third party Plug-in sites. These sites could each be contacted about adding PluginsPLUS to their lists.

Photoshop Newsgroups and Photoshop Tutorial sites (Independents)

If PluginsPLUS would like to invest in advertisement banners and direct advertising to potential customers they could find their target audience on Photoshop forum and tutorial sites.  Many of the forums actually feature Google ads (sponsored links) and other search engine ads, while tutorial sites tend to feature specific graphic ads or offer an advertisement section on the site.