Copyright and Trademark Myths

CW copyritetrademarksI recently did some extensive research into copyright as it pertains to the internet and logo design. The most important tip I learned was that the more original and different the identity is from it''s competition, the easier it is to protect, registering a mark gives it the best protection, and proper research beforehand will help the designer avoid being held responsible should there be any litigation. (Designing brand Identity, Pg. 127) I have learned what the different symbols mean and what qualifies you to use them. I was surprised to learn that you can us TM (Trademark) and SM (service mark) without registering the trademark. Only the (R) requires registration for use.

I thought that the common myths listed in Designing brand Identity where very interesting, so I did some online research to find the answers.

Myth: Once you register a trademark, you own it forever and for everything. (Pg. 127)

The truth is that using the name before the public gives ownership of a trademark, not registering it. A Registered Trademark is protected for 10 years. After 5 years, you can choose to renew it. (NationalTechCenter) Protecting the trademark helps you to enforce any copyright infringement. 

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Our Process

processCreative Webolution's Process

Designing and developing a website is just like building anything else, you must follow steps and a process to "build it right".

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