10 Things Every Client Should Know

CW clientshouldThere are many great top 10 lists for developers and designers but there are some basic concepts that clients should be familiar with. Many clients will enter into a web design/development contract with no knowledge of what it takes to design and develop a website. So here is my top ten lists for things every client should know.

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Create Your Own Visual Quote

CW quotewebIntroduction

Why do Visual Quotes capture users attention? In this web quest you will discover the answer, reflect on your core values, and create your own visual quote.


Your mission is to create a graphic with words and images. This can be inspired by an inspirational quote or poem from a famous or inspirational leader that reflects your core values but also contains your own reflections, to post on a blog, website, or Facebook page. You will examine various resources to help you reflect on what your core values are, discover a world leader inline with your values to find inspiration from, learn how to create your own Meme based on your choice with an online visual/image quote generator, and learn how to embed the code into your own website, blog, or Facebook page.

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Number 1 Rule: Keep it simple

CW KISWhen it comes to websites (as with most things) there are best practices and rules.

The Number 1 Rule: Keep it simple.

Don't make the user think about anything! The key words to remember are "instant gratification." The Web is becoming faster and filled with more and more information every day. Users have the freedom to pick and choose whatever medium best suits their needs the fastest, and you can bet they will instinctively exercise that freedom at every opportunity. If your website doesn't immediately and effortlessly meet their expectations, they will click their Back button and get right out. This rule will be emphasized more a bit later, but always keep this in the back of your mind.

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Web Browser Compatibility

CW browserA Web browser is an application that allows a user to access the World Wide Web. Popular web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Netscape.

Not all browsers were created equal. IE displays things differently than Firefox does. Both of these may display things differently from Safari, Opera, and Netscape, as well. Basically, all Web browsers have a tendency to display pages slightly differently. This is a problem for Web developers, and the problem is deepened by the fact that different versions of different browsers exist, and visitors could be viewing your page on any one of them.

Different operating systems will also affect how a page looks. Coffeecup Software has a brief article about this topic that you might want to check out, as it goes into a bit more detail about the different types of web browsers, operating systems, and how they affect how a page can look so different in various browsers.

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