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CW fbbpI can build your facebook page and teach you how to market with it.

Did you know that 29% of the worlds population is on Facebook?

Only 53% of the population is online.

If you don't have a Facebook page yet you are missing out on a huge global distribution channel! 

The key factors to growing your Facebook audience are:

Presence – Reach – and – Engagement 



You don't want to be a secret on the internet.  If no one knows you exist, how can you make money?

This is about showing up consistently and developing the Know-Like-Trust factor, something I learned from Your Digital Formula.

In a practical sense, the best way to develop this is in person, meeting people face-to face as we are now.   With todays technology, the next best thing is to meet them where they are, in their homes through Facebook and live video. This gives them a chance to see you authentically and make a connection with you.

  • Be personal. 
  • Be authentic. 
  • People want to do business with real people
  • You are the face of your company. 


We have all heard the saying that Content is King, and images get very good reach, but Facebook lives, video content, and image content, will increase your reach more than anything.  Facebook has been pushing video content specifically for some time now and any video content you post will reach a much wider audience. 


Engagement is the organic interaction with your Facebook content. 

Read, like, share, comment.

  • Increasing your engagement gives you email signups
  • Brand awareness
  • Potential collaboration
  • Social proof
  • Sell your products and services

So how do you get highly engaged readers?

Make each post one of the following or a combination of:

  • Educational
  • Enlightening
  • Entertaining

How does this all lead to sales?

  • Offer your audience valuable content
  • Give your audience a free offer during your live (capture email to build your email list)
  • From the free offer, Setup a funnel to your product or services

Not sure how to get started?

I can help you build your page and teach you how to use your Facebook page to get more followers, clients, and leads and grow your sales.

Choose Basic setup, Standard setup which includes a customized action plan for you page, or Premium and also get a live video chat with me for Q and A's. Connect your page to your website and/or Instagram.

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  • Your website address
  • Basic information about your company such as your mission statement, company contact info, and a detailed description of what your page is for.
  • Images such as Logo, Header Banner, and a few photos and video to be included on the page to get it started.

Please Message me if this service can help you grow your social media accounts.