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Part 1. General Information and Defining Goals

Your Name:

Company Name:

Your Email::

Your Phone:

Your Address:

Your State:

Your Zip Code:

Existing Website URL:

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If yes enter url here:

What is the primary message you want your website to convey?

Who is your primary target market?

What is the main purpose of your site?  Why are we building it?

Do You have a wish list of things you would like for the site? 

Part 2.  Market and Visitor Demographics

Age Range (yes this is important):

Under 18 19-29 30-45 Over 45

All ages


Female Male Both

Verticals targeted:
(group of similar businesses and customers which engage in trade based on specific and specialized needs. Often, participants in a vertical market are very limited to a subset of a larger industry, or a niche market)

Magazines or journals they read; other sites they visit?

Part 3.  Visitor Goals and Characteristics

Describe a typical visitor scenario. What pages do you expect them to visit? What actions do you expectt hem to take?

What information do they desire?

What would you consider a “conversion”? (Do you want them to submit a form, download a document, call a rep?)

Why do they use/need your product or service?

How will/do they purchase your product or service?

What level of Web knowledge do they possess? Are they likely to be tech-savvy, or tech-limited?

Are buying decisions based on price, service, quality, other?

Price Service Quality Other

If other please enter here:

Part 4.  Business and Website Goals

What are the primary qualities people think of when they consider your business?

What specifically differentiates your company from your competitors?

Who are your primary competitors? Please provide URLs.  (only online competitors)

How will you determine if your Website is successful?

It enhances our overall brand and credibility.
It generates inquiries and referrals.
It saves staff time/improve efficiency.
If other please describe here:

Part 5. Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Do you already have a Web Marketing Plan?

Yes No

If yes what are the key elements?

Do you expect visitors to find your site through Search Engines?

Essential Very Important Desirable Do Not expect Do not want them to

What keywords or phrases do you expect visitors to use in Search Engines to find your site? (Please be as specific as possible, think “phrases not words”)

Do you want to communicate with your clients through:

Email memberships
Mass email blasts
Online Newsletter membershis
Direct Mail
If other please describe:

Do you want to receive Web traffic reports for your site?

Yes No

Do you want to receive Search Engine position reports (to monitor your Search Engine ranking)?

Yes No

Part 6. Visual Design and Technical Considerations

Describe in as few sentences or words as possible how the user should perceive your company -- the feelings you wish to evoke.

(Sample feelings might include: warmth, friendliness, reassurance, comfort, or excitement.)

Describe in as few sentences or words as the brand attributes you want to convey.

(Sample brand attributes might include caring, honesty, humor, professionalism, intelligence, technological savvy, sophistication, reliability, trustworthiness, conservative, modern, elegant, corporate, innovative, organic and cutting-edge.)

Give us examples of sites that you admire or are visually similar to what you are looking for. 

(Benchmark Sites are sites that inspire or impress you.  They may have features that you like or they may just have a look and feel that you like)

How much content will you want to include on your website?

How many Pages?
How many sections to the site?
How many Articles?
How  many Photos?
How many Downloadable Documents
How many Online Forms?
How many Banners or Ads?
How many Animations?  
How many image galleries or slideshows?
Other items? 

What Color(s) you dislike and want to avoid:

Are their any colors you kow you want to use?

Do you have a logo?

Yes No

Please tell us about your experience with the following skills:

HTML skills?
CSS Skills?
Understanding of Web Standards?
Flash skills?
Photoshop skills?
Database skills?
Server-side development skills?
FTP experience?
Website management experience?
Internet marketing knowledge and experience?
Word Processor Skills?

Do you already have a registered domain name?

Yes No

If No enter the domain you would like to have:

If Yes enter the domain if no enter the domain you would like to have.

Do you already have hosting?

Yes No

If yes please enter the name of your Host and any details you know about your hosting plan.

Do you need any email accounts with your website?

Yes No

If yes please enter the email adresses you require.

Part 7. Content and Site Organization

What specific information do we want to offer visitors through the site?

What information do you already have available that we want to include in the


What specific sections and subsections do You know we want to include?

Do you have any slogans/statements/taglines that you want to use on this site?

What resources/services, if any, do we want to offer through this site?

Part 8. Additional Comments

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your website?

Part 9.  Additional Features

Please check any of the following features you would like included on your site:


Professionally written content
Document management
Google Maps
Quiz or Survey
Ratings and Reviews
RSS Feeds


 Multi-lingual Content

Images, Gallery & Multimedia:

Image Gallery
Streaming Media
Lighthouse effect on Images (open larger image)
Image Rotators
Image Slideshows

Documentation and Help:

Support Ticket System
Glossary & Dictionary

Data collecting, Optimization, and Tools:

Optimization (Search Engine Optimization tools and Search Engine Reports)
Leads Management
Data collection and reporting tools
Dynamic form builders

Marketing, Banner Ads & Affiliates:

Banner advertising systems
Banner Management
Classified Ads
Google Ads
Affiliate Ads
Email Marketing Management
Monthly SEO management Service
Monthly onlinemarketing service

User and Member Features:

Business, organizational, or user directories
Forums and chat software
User Blogs
Paid Subscription services
User or Member communities


Events Calendars
Online Reservations

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