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Susan Jackman

Susan Jackman - Owner

Web and Interactive Media
Designer and Developer
Project Manager

Portfolio and Resume

Susan may know her way around most computer software, but She is first and foremost an Artist. Her natural talents and creativity bring a new look to her web design and multimedia. Her strength is producing a clean and professional design. She is not just a designer, She can program too. She graduated with a BA in Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2007 with a 3.9 GPA.

Susan has strong skills in web design, video and audio editing, animation and video, digital illustration, image manipulation, fine art, educational multimedia and computer based training. Her experience in Website Design and Development projects includes HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS to implement dynamic web sites and database driven content using industry web standards.

Stephanie FudaStephanie Fuda

Web Developer
SEO and Internet Marketing

Stephanie has several years of professional experience in a marketing support role using her expertise in photography, graphic arts and web design to achieve business development objectives.  She enjoys opportunities where her skills and experience can be effectively utilized.

Stephanie is highly focused, with a strict attention to detail and accuracy, and has excellent project management skills, with a focus on cost efficiencies, strict deadlines, and goal attainment. She has a strong sense of ownership and accountability for strategic objectives. Stephanie is committed to teamwork, performance excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.  She adds great value to our team by linking Web Design and graphic skills to business growth objectives.

Lee DixonLee Dixon

Interactive Media Designer

Portfolio and Resume

Lee Dixon is an intuitive designer who loves the work of building experiences and environments that move users emotionally as well as intellectually. He possesses a hunger for learning new design applications and languages and considers it great opportunity to work on a design projects that have more than the usual software responses. However despite Lee’s desire to learn all things design he also takes pleasure in teaching others, and sharing his love for the work. Lee graduated high honors with an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design from Highland Community College in Freeport Illinois, he went on to attain a BS in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduating suma cum laude with a 4.0 gpa.

Although Lee is a creative soul and techno geek he has an inate ability to integrate various software applications to achieve a common goal. He has a love for photography and advanced image manipulation or to be creatively correct, he likes to Photoshop it. Lee has worked with programming languages spanning from PHP, Action Script, to CSS, XHTML and Lingo. Lee's goal is to achieve a final project that not only pleases the client but adheres to the needs of the target audience.

Angela Jackman

Graphic Designer
Flash Designer and Developer
Print Marketing