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2009.02.02 15:36:31

I just want to say a  special thanks to the following sites who listed Creative Weboluton as creative or inspirational.  Thank you!

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2009.01.28 01:06:10

I will be adding more to this post, but for now here is a really weird IE bug. A box with position:absolute next to a float may disappear.

Solution: An absolutely positioned box sometimes disappears when in the pages source code it is the preceding or the following sibling of a float. Adding a box (arbitrary div) that seperates the absolutely positioned box from the float (between them or wrapping one of them) will fix the problem.

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2009.01.26 23:45:13

I just discovered one of the most useful resources I have ever come across!

Website developers have to test websites in a very wide variety and many versions of browsers that users may be using and it can be a difficult task.  Many browsers will only allow you to have one version installed and there are of course different versions for different platforms.  (Linux, Mac, and Windows) So how does a developer test the site without having to own many computers?

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2009.01.22 04:34:48

Creative Webolution has been featured on two more CSS showcases

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2009.01.20 00:51:49

My site is being featured in a CSS design showcase!

CSS Based is a project providing web designers a gallery of well designed CSS-based websites from all around the world.

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