2009.02.16 02:16:12
Susan Jackman

The biggest challenges that a design team must face

I think there are two big challenges faced by all teams. In-effective utilization or organization of timelines and poor communication.  These two issues work hand in hand against each other.  These issues are based on my experiences working online with virtual teams, but are also relevant for a design team that works in different rooms, floors, offices, and if any members are offsite completely.

Communication is a pretty obvious issue.  Without good communication between ALL members a million problems can surface.  The timeline issue refers to problems like, late submissions, assumptions that someone else will wait till the last minute to receive your submission or feedback and in general not doing things in a timely manner.  If everyone puts their tasks off to the last minute there isn’t any time left for the team to give feedback or the team member to revise their work.

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