2008.08.24 23:19:32
Susan Jackman

Have you been wondering what the official stages of a design process are for multimedia?

Most developers have their own ways of doing thing, and different steps may have different names, but there generally the process is the same.

Concept Development

The concept development stage is the stage that involves evaluating the ideas for the project and developing those idea's. During this stage you will define the concept, the content and the audience it will be created for. It is also important to establish a reason that the content should be in the form of interactive media. You will also need to conduct research into content, audience and structure.

Script Design

The script design is the stage where you fine tune the concept for the project and create the idea in a presentable way. You will create rough draft dopcuments that will show the structure of the content that contains details and specific information in order to create a ground work for the scritp to be written. It will define the peramaters of the project. These drafts are called content treatments and act as the story board for the project. You will also in this stage begin to explore the interactive pathways of the project. What type of interactivity will be used? The production script will combine these interactive elements and the content. It is a lengthy process that will include all details, content, documents, and act as a blueprint for the production of the product.


The production stage involves the creation of the project and everything that entails. This is the final stage which will result in the completed project. An impotant part of this step is user testing, an important step that will allow you to ensure that the project is reaching it's goals and it's audience letting the writer know how well they have done with the design. Typically the production part of the whole design process is done by animators, or programmers.

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