2008.08.24 23:21:37
Susan Jackman

The best way to look at a computer when it comes to information, communication, and specifically reading, is to think of it as a medium, just like a newspaper or book. As new generation of consumers enters the market that has grown up with this medium and has had the Internet as a part of their daily life, we will see more interest in E-books. Copyright laws, privacy worries, and recreational reading preferences are holding back e-books currently. But it is slowly growing. Online educational Institutions like University of Phoenix rely solely on e-books and many consumers interested in learning will go to the Internet before going to the bookstore.

With the current shift towards notebooks and palm pilots, we now have more convenient electronic reading choices and with the advancements in multi-media tools we have more interest. E-book devices are being created specifically for this purpose. These devices can carry thousands of pages of books and periodicals, they can be connected with a phone line to the internet to download more e-books and they have USB ports to connect to your computer and come with built-in back lights for easier reading.

Internet is changing more than just the reading habits of books, but also newspapers and magazines as well. All printed media will be affected by use of the Internet to find information. The computer as a medium may become more popular than printed materials, but I believe that printed material will always exist.

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