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2008.11.20 15:37:07
Susan Jackman

Would the goals of Copyright Law be lost without the existence of those laws?

The basic goal of copyright Law is improve our society by encouraging creativity, the spreading of information, and the development of knowledge. Copyright Law protects the way we express our ideas but are not meant to protect the ideas themselves.  Would these goals be lost without the existence of copyright laws or would we simply change the way we share our creations.

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2008.08.24 23:18:22
Susan Jackman

I recently did some extensive research into copyright as it pertains to the internet and logo design. The most important tip I learned was that the more original and different the identity is from it's competition, the easier it is to protect, registering a mark gives it the best protection, and proper research beforehand will help the designer avoid being held responsible should there be any litigation. (Designing brand Identity, Pg. 127) I have learned what the different symbols mean and what qualifies you to use them. I was surprised to learn that you can us TM (Trademark) and SM (service mark) without registering the trademark. Only the (R) requires registration for use.

I thought that the common myths listed in Designing brand Identity where very interesting, so I did some online research to find the answers.

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