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2008.11.20 14:56:33
Susan Jackman

Why is it important to follow a design process when designing a logo?

To have an effective logo, your logo must accurately reflect the core focus of your business and this can best be done with strategic planning.

Careful planning eliminates wasted time and money.  By breaking the logo design into separate parts, the research and brainstorming, the symbol, the font, and the color palette, you are ensured that each element of the logo is what you want and what works best for your company.    Following a process ensures that nothing is overlooked and that every aspect gets our full attention.

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2008.10.24 23:38:23
Susan Jackman

Why is vector illustration typically simplified and stylized?

It really comes down to the basic differences between vector images and raster images.  Things like shading and blending are not possible with vector images.  Vector illustrations can only create simple linear or radial gradients.   So when an illustrator is using a vector for an illustration, they must get rid of small details that would make the image too complicated.  Trying to depict every detail of an image in an illustration would take massive amounts of time.

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2008.08.27 21:33:38
Susan Jackman

Scoping is an important phase in the design process.

There is a methodology to proposing a website design to a client. Scoping a project is one of the most important, yet most overlooked; steps in the web design/development process. This step must happen before sending a proposal to a client to avoid problems down the road in the design and development process. When scoping a project you need to interview the client, research the client and understand their culture, research their competition, and have them complete a needs analysis.

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2008.08.24 23:19:32
Susan Jackman

Have you been wondering what the official stages of a design process are for multimedia?

Most developers have their own ways of doing thing, and different steps may have different names, but there generally the process is the same.

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