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2008.11.30 19:14:28
Susan Jackman

I get a lot of requests from clients for a site that can do everything but is easy for them to manage themselves and this is my advise: Use a robust and flexible open source Content Management System like Joomla.

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2008.09.05 16:10:52
Susan Jackman

Doing case studies is a method of research.  Case studies are in-depth investigations into real-life cases

Based upon data and research that help you to identify a problem and suggest strategies and resolutions.  It also an important way to see how other put key concepts into action.  I will from time to time share what I have learned in my case studies here.

Case Study: Business to Consumer Model

Online Store Catalog for Fisher Price Toys

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2008.09.05 15:21:38
Susan Jackman

There are five components in the online sales process. Information sharing, ordering, payment, fulfillment and service and support. As a consumer myself who shops both Online and at "brick and mortar" stores, these are the two Steps that I feel are the most important.

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