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2009.01.28 01:06:10
Susan Jackman

I will be adding more to this post, but for now here is a really weird IE bug. A box with position:absolute next to a float may disappear.

Solution: An absolutely positioned box sometimes disappears when in the pages source code it is the preceding or the following sibling of a float. Adding a box (arbitrary div) that seperates the absolutely positioned box from the float (between them or wrapping one of them) will fix the problem.

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2009.01.22 04:34:48
Susan Jackman

Creative Webolution has been featured on two more CSS showcases



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2009.01.20 00:51:49
Susan Jackman

My site creativewebolution.com is being featured in a CSS design showcase! http://www.cssbased.com/showcase

CSS Based is a project providing web designers a gallery of well designed CSS-based websites from all around the world.


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2008.12.22 21:52:54
Susan Jackman

For many important reasons, including SEO and accessibility, it is always best to use W3C valid code and lean code when it comes to creating your menus.  This is something that we designers and developers have been learning to do with CSS and static html for some time now, but applying what you have learned to Joomla's dynamic menu’s can be a little tricky.

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2008.11.09 18:29:41
Susan Jackman

A few tips for optimizing your CSS for IE 6

As a web designer it is very tempting to ignore IE 6 issues but unfortunately the user base for the outdated browser is still high.   It is in our best interest as designers and website owners to ensure that our sites work for all users.

Here are a few tips I have compiled for issues I have had when testing for IE 6 and the fixes that worked for me.

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