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2009.06.26 16:32:28
Susan Jackman

While I typically do not like to re-post other peoples articles or blog posts and prefer to share my own thoughts and opinions I just found a really great resource over at CSS Tricks.  Please check it out!

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2009.06.25 17:35:38
Susan Jackman

I was recently eating in a lcoal restaurant and they had the greatest sign hanging on their wall.

It stated:

We offer three kinds of service:
Good - Cheap - Fast  
You can pick any two 
Good service Cheap won't be Fast
Good service Fast won't be Cheap 
Fast service Cheap won't be good

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2009.03.24 15:39:43
Susan Jackman

I have been getting an onslaught of email scams lately and it’s left me with some burning questions and has inspired me to write the most personalized blog posting to date.  Is there anything we can do to stop or prevent this problem? Is there a place for censorship in today's society? Would censorship serve to erode our First Amendment rights? And my biggest question, why do people do this? I am going to discuss spam, scams, and everything in between.

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2009.03.24 15:27:15
Susan Jackman

Every developer who works with Joomla has their own favorite, must have, extensions.  These are mine.  :)

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2009.02.16 16:58:52
Susan Jackman

CSS Specificity, CSS Inheritance, and a few more CSS tips

You may have experienced the effects of specificity in a number of ways.  Perhaps you have applied a hover effect to a link only to be left scratching your head wondering why it’s not working.  Or perhaps you have noticed that if you move a declaration further down in your CSS file it magically seams to work.  Both of these examples are caused by CSS specificity, a difficult to understand concept for beginners and pros alike.

If you're using simple CSS documents, you may think that specificity really doesn't matter. But the larger and more complicated your CSS style sheets get, the more conflicts you're going to have.

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