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2009.01.22 04:34:48
Susan Jackman

Creative Webolution has been featured on two more CSS showcases



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2009.01.20 00:51:49
Susan Jackman

My site creativewebolution.com is being featured in a CSS design showcase! http://www.cssbased.com/showcase

CSS Based is a project providing web designers a gallery of well designed CSS-based websites from all around the world.


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2009.01.08 03:46:30
Susan Jackman

Understanding the constraints of the Web as a medium

The web is a growing medium but it is important to understand that a website is not on a piece of paper, you cannot control how anyone sees it, and it is a constantly changing medium.  There are principles and rules that need to be followed.

A website designer always has two customers:

The site owner

- who is paying the bills, who wants something professional, state of the art, exciting, and attractive.

The visitors to the site (or site user)

- who just wants to find what they are looking for as fast as possible.

It’s a very tough balancing act so I will share the following with you to help educate you about these constraints and rules.

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