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2009.03.06 15:47:13
Lee Dixon

I have had Windows 7 on my PC for a little over a month now and I think by this weekend I will be ready to submit my over opinionated opinion on an operating system that isn't all bad in the way that people want you to believe. I will say that pertaining to how I use my Personal Computing machines I am some what of a lite aficionado in my circle of friends (aka) fledgling geek.  There are many levels of geekdum and I think it safe to say that I 'm at level 3 of  to say the least although I 'm due to graduate to start up geek late next month. :) so stay tuned to this post.

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2009.02.04 16:14:31
Lee Dixon

Let me start by saying that I am so excited to be joining the Creative Webolutions team. In the future I hope to be contributing on a number of levels on many kinds of projects as well as to the blog. It is my hope that by expressing my thoughts here I am not only informing, teaching, but I am also learning and what good is an experience if you can't learn from it? My pledge to you is that I will contribute to this blog at least twice a week. This contribution may vary from the posting of a tutorial to the sharing of information and news pertaining to new technologies and design explorations. So in summation keep checking the blog for something new.



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