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2008.09.05 15:21:38
Susan Jackman

There are five components in the online sales process. Information sharing, ordering, payment, fulfillment and service and support. As a consumer myself who shops both Online and at "brick and mortar" stores, these are the two Steps that I feel are the most important.

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2008.08.27 21:33:38
Susan Jackman

Scoping is an important phase in the design process.

There is a methodology to proposing a website design to a client. Scoping a project is one of the most important, yet most overlooked; steps in the web design/development process. This step must happen before sending a proposal to a client to avoid problems down the road in the design and development process. When scoping a project you need to interview the client, research the client and understand their culture, research their competition, and have them complete a needs analysis.

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2008.08.24 23:21:37
Susan Jackman

The best way to look at a computer when it comes to information, communication, and specifically reading, is to think of it as a medium, just like a newspaper or book. As new generation of consumers enters the market that has grown up with this medium and has had the Internet as a part of their daily life, we will see more interest in E-books. Copyright laws, privacy worries, and recreational reading preferences are holding back e-books currently. But it is slowly growing. Online educational Institutions like University of Phoenix rely solely on e-books and many consumers interested in learning will go to the Internet before going to the bookstore.

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2008.08.24 23:20:49
Susan Jackman

Since it is was my intention while in school to focus on creating educational multimedia for children, I wanted to focus my research on something that would be related and could prove useful to my chosen field. I would like to focus on 3 areas that the Internet can be or is used to improve education. Interactivity, Collaboration, and communication

Computers have transformed the educational process. They have created a new approach to the learning experience in traditional and non-traditional classroom settings. Computer-assisted instruction has been common for a long time, but the development of multimedia and the World Wide Web has presented many new opportunities for educators. What does the Internet have to offer education?

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2008.08.24 23:19:32
Susan Jackman

Have you been wondering what the official stages of a design process are for multimedia?

Most developers have their own ways of doing thing, and different steps may have different names, but there generally the process is the same.

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