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2011.09.13 15:44:20
Susan Jackman

Free Vector and PSD Downloads UPDATE!

In the past I required registration to download my vectors and layered PSD files but unfortunately I just don't have time to keep up with all the SPAM that I get because of this so I am now opening up all my free files to be downloaded without any registration required.  Enjoy! :)

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2009.06.26 16:32:28
Susan Jackman

While I typically do not like to re-post other peoples articles or blog posts and prefer to share my own thoughts and opinions I just found a really great resource over at CSS Tricks.  Please check it out!

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2009.06.25 17:35:38
Susan Jackman

I was recently eating in a lcoal restaurant and they had the greatest sign hanging on their wall.

It stated:

We offer three kinds of service:
Good - Cheap - Fast  
You can pick any two 
Good service Cheap won't be Fast
Good service Fast won't be Cheap 
Fast service Cheap won't be good

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2008.10.24 12:18:54
Susan Jackman

There are so many web site hosting companies out there.  How do you know which to choose?  Word of mouth.

Whether it's a negative or positive experience, finding how satisfied others are is the best way to make that choice.

So which host is my favorite?  Hands-down the winner is Hostgator.

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