2009.03.24 15:27:15
Susan Jackman

Every developer who works with Joomla has their own favorite, must have, extensions.  These are mine.  :)

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2009.03.06 15:47:13
Lee Dixon

I have had Windows 7 on my PC for a little over a month now and I think by this weekend I will be ready to submit my over opinionated opinion on an operating system that isn't all bad in the way that people want you to believe. I will say that pertaining to how I use my Personal Computing machines I am some what of a lite aficionado in my circle of friends (aka) fledgling geek.  There are many levels of geekdum and I think it safe to say that I 'm at level 3 of  to say the least although I 'm due to graduate to start up geek late next month. :) so stay tuned to this post.

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2009.03.05 20:02:10
Lee Dixon

Sometimes I wonder about me. Today I purchased some new items for my personal Library which consists of some of the most boring books known to man, and that includes my tech books.

 I love to use CSS and to be honest I can never find enough books on the subject. If you are like me you know that it keeps evolving and that as soon as you master one thing you are behind on the next. Too bad browsers don't evolve in the same fashion, that's kind of odd isn't it?

 Well today I ordered a new CSS pocket reference guide, as I am about 2yrs behind on that and then I ordered a few other books to make the one worth the shipping. :)

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2009.03.04 02:54:14
Susan Jackman


My Lovely Bird

I call this one, Lovely Bird.  Register and become a member to download this free PSD.

icon Lovely Bird (40.55 kB)

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2009.02.25 19:21:59
Susan Jackman

Would you like to get inside my head and understand how I work?

This is from a very professional personality analysis done on me a few years ago. It is amazingly accurate, I have to say. I didn't change anything, it's all here, the good and the bad.  :)

Personalysis Summary for Susan A. Jackman

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