2009.02.15 23:23:43
Susan Jackman

Should the idea of censorship used in the recording industry be applied to the internet?

Perhaps as a parent I have a biased opinion, but I do feel that it an incredibly important step that we as a society can take to protect children from Media Violence.  This has always been the main argument, calling for controls on media content are cast as efforts to protect the children, from to labeling it, restricting access to it, or censoring.  Children are different from adults, they are more vulnerable, impressionable, and less able to apply critical judgments on the appropriateness of media.

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2009.02.13 16:32:12
Lee Dixon

Well it has long been established the Google is...Yeah! Google has acquired Feedburner and everyone knows that Feedburner is one of the best ways to promote your blog, podcast, and advertise for your site. With Feedburner you can allow users to subscribe to new blog posts on your site and they can be updated on your content no matter where they go. So say, for instance, you had a newsletter you wanted to deliver to the masses, feedburner is the way to go. :)



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2009.02.09 14:45:15
Susan Jackman

As most web developers know, Google Analytics is a very powerful (and free) way to track your websites metrics. Google Analytics provides some great information about what is happening on your website.  So what makes it such a great tool and why should you add it to your site?

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2009.02.04 16:14:31
Lee Dixon

Let me start by saying that I am so excited to be joining the Creative Webolutions team. In the future I hope to be contributing on a number of levels on many kinds of projects as well as to the blog. It is my hope that by expressing my thoughts here I am not only informing, teaching, but I am also learning and what good is an experience if you can't learn from it? My pledge to you is that I will contribute to this blog at least twice a week. This contribution may vary from the posting of a tutorial to the sharing of information and news pertaining to new technologies and design explorations. So in summation keep checking the blog for something new.



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2009.02.02 15:36:31
Susan Jackman

I just want to say a  special thanks to the following sites who listed Creative Weboluton as creative or inspirational.  Thank you!


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