2009.01.08 03:46:30
Susan Jackman

Understanding the constraints of the Web as a medium

The web is a growing medium but it is important to understand that a website is not on a piece of paper, you cannot control how anyone sees it, and it is a constantly changing medium.  There are principles and rules that need to be followed.

A website designer always has two customers:

The site owner

- who is paying the bills, who wants something professional, state of the art, exciting, and attractive.

The visitors to the site (or site user)

- who just wants to find what they are looking for as fast as possible.

It’s a very tough balancing act so I will share the following with you to help educate you about these constraints and rules.

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2008.12.23 16:48:57
Susan Jackman

Scotch Tape for your page corners

Here is my version of scotch tape for the corner of a paper page. The PSD file contains all four corners with tape.  Enjoy!

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icon Scotch Tape (40.09 kB)

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2008.12.22 23:43:45
Susan Jackman

Christmas Vector of Build-a-Bear Rudolph

I am really in a Christmas mood today so here is a free vector of Rudolph!

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2008.12.22 21:52:54
Susan Jackman

For many important reasons, including SEO and accessibility, it is always best to use W3C valid code and lean code when it comes to creating your menus.  This is something that we designers and developers have been learning to do with CSS and static html for some time now, but applying what you have learned to Joomla's dynamic menu’s can be a little tricky.

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2008.12.22 19:48:09
Susan Jackman

Musical Instrument Vector of my Ukulele

My Christmas wish this year is for this beautiful Ukulele.  I'm so excited thinking about it I just had to make a vector of it!

Downloads are free for registered members.

icon Ukulele (688.13 kB)

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