2008.12.19 00:00:00
Susan Jackman

Free Vector of a Pencil


I needed a realistic vector of a pencil and then decided not to use it so I have decided to share it. :)

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icon Free Vector Pencil (182.8 kB)

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2008.12.04 16:28:12
Susan Jackman

Online Quote Form

In an effort to improve our service we now have an Online Quote Form. This will make getting a quote more convenient and efficient.

  Planning | Improving Our Service | Susan Jackman
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2008.11.30 19:14:28
Susan Jackman

I get a lot of requests from clients for a site that can do everything but is easy for them to manage themselves and this is my advise: Use a robust and flexible open source Content Management System like Joomla.

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2008.11.20 15:37:07
Susan Jackman

Would the goals of Copyright Law be lost without the existence of those laws?

The basic goal of copyright Law is improve our society by encouraging creativity, the spreading of information, and the development of knowledge. Copyright Law protects the way we express our ideas but are not meant to protect the ideas themselves.  Would these goals be lost without the existence of copyright laws or would we simply change the way we share our creations.

  Trademark | Copyright | Internet | Susan Jackman
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2008.11.20 14:56:33
Susan Jackman

Why is it important to follow a design process when designing a logo?

To have an effective logo, your logo must accurately reflect the core focus of your business and this can best be done with strategic planning.

Careful planning eliminates wasted time and money.  By breaking the logo design into separate parts, the research and brainstorming, the symbol, the font, and the color palette, you are ensured that each element of the logo is what you want and what works best for your company.    Following a process ensures that nothing is overlooked and that every aspect gets our full attention.

  Design Process | Methodology | Planning | Logo Design | Susan Jackman
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