2008.11.20 14:52:48
Susan Jackman

What is the purpose of a Corporate Design Standards manual?

The Corporate Design Standards manual will act as a guide to employees and outside vendors to ensure proper use of your brand, identity and logo.

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2008.11.09 18:29:41
Susan Jackman

A few tips for optimizing your CSS for IE 6

As a web designer it is very tempting to ignore IE 6 issues but unfortunately the user base for the outdated browser is still high.   It is in our best interest as designers and website owners to ensure that our sites work for all users.

Here are a few tips I have compiled for issues I have had when testing for IE 6 and the fixes that worked for me.

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2008.10.25 00:38:48
Susan Jackman

Layered sticky tab PSD


This file has four editable text layers with four different sticky colors.

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icon Layered sticky tab PSD (258.77 kB)

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2008.10.25 00:02:39
Susan Jackman

Layered Polaroid PSD

...with layer masks so that you can easily customize the file with your own images.

Polaroid design elements are very popular right now and good ones can be hard to find, so I will share mine with you.

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icon Free Polaroid PSD (66.96 kB)

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2008.10.24 23:38:23
Susan Jackman

Why is vector illustration typically simplified and stylized?

It really comes down to the basic differences between vector images and raster images.  Things like shading and blending are not possible with vector images.  Vector illustrations can only create simple linear or radial gradients.   So when an illustrator is using a vector for an illustration, they must get rid of small details that would make the image too complicated.  Trying to depict every detail of an image in an illustration would take massive amounts of time.

  Illustration | Design Process | Susan Jackman
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