2008.08.24 23:01:14
Susan Jackman

What are the implications of allowing visitors to store passwords in cookies?

When I ask myself this question the first thing that comes to my mind as a negative result would be a parent making an online purchase, saving their password in the cookie and there 5 year old son get's on while they aren't looking and makes more purchases.  Although this can still happen, when I purchase on Amazon.com I don't have to fill in any user info, not even my cc. While I find this to be incredibly convenient, I can see how it could become a problem.

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2006.06.05 00:00:00
Susan Jackman

Doing case studies is a method of research. Case studies are in-depth investigations into real-life cases

Based upon data and research that help you to identify a problem and suggest strategies and resolutions.  It also an important way to see how other put key concepts into action.  I will from time to time share what I have learned in my case studies here.

Case Study: Marketing Strategy for
PluginsPLUS PLUSfx Version 4 release

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2006.05.05 00:00:00
Susan Jackman

It's hard to imagine a product that would be appropriate for Adobe that they do not already have. However, with Adobe's recent purchase of Macromedia, there are a lot of opinions out there on how consumers want to see Adobe's products change, evolve and merge with Macromedia products. With the takeover of Macromedia, Adobe's products have very little competition, if any. Consumers are sitting on the edge of their seats and getting in hot debates waiting to see what will result. And now, by picking up the remaining applications in the Macromedia assemblage, Adobe has just bought its way into every niche in the design market. Digital imaging, motion graphics, desktop publishing, content management, presentations, documents, video editing, audio production, type. Adobe has a product for all of them.

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